The Sweet Truth About Garlic That Doesn't Stink

The Sweet Truth About Garlic That Doesn't Stink

Herbalists have used garlic

to treat myriad diseases for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptian healers prescribed it to build physical strength, the Greeks used it as a laxative, and the Chinese traditionally used it to lower blood pressure. In the Middle Ages, eating liberal quantities of garlic was credited with providing immunity from the plague.


Since then, numerous studies have confirmed that garlic can be effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Today, many proponents of herbal medicine prescribe garlic to help prevent colds, flu, and other infectious disease!

Much of the scientific research surrounding garlic focuses on its sulfur compounds. One of the most active of these compounds is Allicin- formed when garlic is cooked, cut, and chewed.


Research shows that garlic can reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure by as much as 7 to 8%

Garlic contains compounds that act as powerful, natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents.

Garlic contains sulfur compounds that may stimulate the immune system’s natural defenses against cancer and may have the potential to reduce tumor growth.


Garlic, especially raw garlic- may increase bleeding because it thins the blood in a manner much similar to aspirin.

Garlic can irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Limit amounts if you suffer from stomach or digestion problems

Garlic may interfere with the effectiveness of Saquinavir, a drug used to treat HIV infection.


Drop peeled garlic cloves into any simmering vegetable that will be puréed for soup
Stir minced garlic into tuna or egg salad
In season, use fresh garlic and garlic slivers for any recipe calling for scallions
Keep garlic in a cool, dry place with plenty of circulation and away from sunlight. Do not place in the refrigerator; it changes the texture and flavor

Here are some of my favorite Garlic Recipes

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