Self-Care Sunday is for Stretching, Ice Rolling, and Rest

Self-Care Sunday is for Stretching, Ice Rolling, and Rest

One of my favorite things to do is further educate. So as i sit here on this beautiful Self-Care Sunday to reflect on my latest event, I’m filled with total bliss.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to speak with over 80 women, educating them on my favorite clinical skincare lines, the natural MIC weight loss injection that I’ve been getting, and


The event, called "MOVE THE WORLD" was was packed with an intensive 1.5 hour "booty building" workout and sooo much more.

To read more about this event, click here.

The Ice Roller is seriously magical for your skincare routine.

But its ah-mazingggg for muscle recovery.

I recommend the Ice Roller to:
+ Calm inflammation
+ Help reduce swelling and to de-puff
+ Soothe redness
+ Shrink capillaries
+ Help skin feel firmer
+ Great for acne and sensitive skin types
+ Calms redness after waxing

You can also use the eye roller every morning on your face to reduce puffiness.

With regular use, I've noticed so many differences with my skin. From my skin being more firm, & less puffy, all the way to having fewer breakouts.


Because inflammation is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging, rosacea, acne, seborrheicdermatitis, and psoriasis. 

(Introducing several of my favorite clinical skincare products, and custom Ice Roller at a community fitness event in Las Vegas.)

You can find SkinCeuticals, the ice roller, and many of my other favorite beauty recommendations in my amazon store. Click here to shop!

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