Trust God, You're Closer Than You Think

Trust God, You're Closer Than You Think

You did the work.

You showed up.

It’s time to trust yourself.


It’s almost November! “Heal yourself first, and the rest will follow” has been my 2018 motto, bugs! With two months left in the year, Im taking this month to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished because it’s so important to keep a praise file. Celebrating your small personal wins really allows space for you to set intentions for your next step, (which may be very different than you had originally planned). While I’m so excited to jump into the goodness and greatness of 2019, I’m so thrilled with how 2018 played out.

This year I :

  1. Started treating something I loved like it was God-given talent worthy of my best time, and not just the “thing I do for fun.”

  2. Began drinking Calm Magnesium Tea every night to restore a healthy magnesium levels, and balance calcium intake for natural stress relief, and better sleep.

  3. Admitted that I really don’t like managing people, and therefore I am not excellent at managing people. Good news is, in game changing ways- I’m still a kick ass leader.

  4. Started meditating before bed, and it has changed. the. way. I. breathe. And when you change the way you breathe — your relationship to your power shifts.

  5. Became an advocate of Colon Hydrotherapy, and my belly is not ashamed.

  6. Re- established value in what I would normally consider worthless. It’s way more gratifying to re-purpose glass jars and bottles than to toss, and I’ve even managed to sell a few 5 year old parachute pants to prove they weren’t for nothing.

  7. Moved furniture around my bedroom at least 5 different times, and put my bed on the floor. You want better grounding, grinding, and good sleep? Lower your bed.

  8. Committed to blackout curtains in my bedroom, but made a commitment to only use them for sleeps in between night shifts. It’s been Sweet Lord Jesus circadian rhythm happiness for this weekend warrior.

  9. Started creating more online, and better aligning my physical and digital worlds.

  10. Kicked cable tv cause’ It’s trash.

  11. Started putting my degree from Nutrition School to good use, and coaching online!

  12. Learned how to leave work at the door, and not bring it in my home so I could give respect to the balance I deserve.

  13. Significantly limited time spent with other people. If it impinges on my creativity, or being at home when my dogs need a meal, or I need a pup hug- it’ll be a

    “Thanks, but No, thank you” from me.

  14. Put up some serious boundaries with people who didn’t seem to take my boundaries me seriously.

  15. Climbed one of my biggest mental mountains.

  16. Decided to bag the excessive pile of self-help books, and decided to just be really really honest with myself all the time.

  17. Separated myself from obligations where the expectation was perfection, and surrounded myself with people who showed me how to forget perfect form, and constantly ask me questions like, What do you want to learn today? and How’s your heart?

  18. Started working my green thumb. For the record, it’s buff.

  19. Found a good middle ground between appreciation for veggies, and still manage to enjoy guilt-free crispy bacon and grass-fed cheeseburgers.

  20. Decided to circle back to something I wasn’t able to accomplish earlier this year and it’s all going to work out because of the importance of vision and timing.

  21. Created a rad community for bugs who jump, and build wings on the way down.



Time to Fly.

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