Santa Isn't The Only One Coming This Christmas!

Santa Isn't The Only One Coming This Christmas!

Remember our hike to the Gold Strike Hot Springs & Colorado River? It’s no wonder I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks on the trek back to the car which felt so unusual after having been on this trail at least half a dozen times. Little did I know then, what I know now! Four days later, we learned I was PREGNANT!


Queue: tears, laughter, nervousness, and excitement all at the very same time! There are so many emotions that you experience when you learn that you’re expecting. It’s pretty much a blur at this point, but after taking the pregnancy test I just remember crying, then laughing, and then Travis and I repeating back and forth to each other about a hundred times: “I’m Pregnant?” “OMG You’re Pregnant!” “OMG.. I’m pregnant.” “Are you sure you’re really pregnant?” SHOCK is a total understatement. But just to be sure, we went through an entire box of these things.

I even peed on two more sticks the very next morning. You know… just in case this was all a dream! HA!

I even peed on two more sticks the very next morning. You know… just in case this was all a dream! HA!

What I will never forget, is the amount of love and support I felt from Trav while together we tackled that big question that just about every couple who has a surprise pregnancy comes to face. ‘What Now?’


Ahh it feels so exciting to finally write that! Honestly, I’ve wanted to share the news for months but it was important for us to tell our immediate family first- and I wanted to ensure I had a safe first trimester. No doubt, the secret was almost impossible to keep to myself. There are so many times that I wanted to scream the news from the rooftops, or clue in some co-workers making fun of me for going to the bathroom every 30 minutes… but instead I had to sit quietly, and even put on a poker face through some of the gnarly symptoms I was experiencing. As a blogger who generally shares many of my life experiences - I have to admit it did lead to a total loss of motivation to create content (hence being a bit distant on social media). But I absolutely loved being 100% present in my life off-screen, listening to my body, and researching the many changes I am going to be experiencing. I was also more tired and fatigued than I can put into words for most of my first trimester. You guys, I literally found it so hard for me to do anything in general!

The morning after we learned the big news… we’re still in total freaking shock, but… we’re smiling.

The morning after we learned the big news… we’re still in total freaking shock, but… we’re smiling.

As if the news itself wasn’t overwhelming enough, there is SO much to do after you learn you’re having a baby. I’m actually really excited to share more of those things with you, and being vulnerable about my experience as I journey into motherhood. So without a doubt, you can definitely expect I’m going to have a lot more “mom” content. As always, I’ll strive to do it in a relatable way. Don’t worry though- if you’ve been following me online for a while now- It won’t be the only thing I write about by any means, but yes, it’s going to be a part of me, and so naturally it’s going to become a big part of this blog.

The look on your face when you’re about to break the news to your parents!

The look on your face when you’re about to break the news to your parents!

Breaking the News to Family

After 3 days reality started to set in. We’re doing this! I spent an entire day researching doctors and when I finally found a good fit for us, I booked an appointment. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a new patient appointment for about 2 weeks. Who can wait that long without telling their family? NOT ME! My partner’s family lives just about everywhere except for local in Vegas, so we began making the phone calls. It was such an incredible feeling to hear everyone’s reaction and it felt like overnight you realize not only are you having a family of your own but your family has pretty much also tripled in size. No joke! After sharing the news with the Jack clan, we started preparing to tell my parents who live here.

This was soooo special to me, because my parents will be first time grandparents, and I wanted to find a fun way for them to remember the moment forever. My little sister was in on the plan, and we planned a dinner at their house. Travis and I were soooo nervous getting ready for the night, and on the drive over. Knowing no matter what we were going to be supported with so much love, the anticipation of seeing everyones reaction of such unexpected news was incredibly priceless.

I found a little shop on Etsy, that sold these adorable quail eggs with a message inside. We decided to surprise my family by giving this to my mother as a gift on mothers day!

IMG_2248 2.jpg
IMG_2247 2.jpg

We received the package the night before, just in time for dinner. I placed it in some additional gift wrapping and we headed to my parent’s house nervous as hell and ready to give them the BIGGEST surprise of their life!

Everything went so well and according to plan, not to mention their reaction was something that I will never forget. I would recommend to anyone who is making their parents a first time grand-parent to really just live in the moment, know you are forever supported, and give them a beautiful moment to remember!

Here’s how it all went down:

IMG_0168 2.jpg

The Gift

Happy Early Mother’s Day Mom!

IMG_0172 2.jpg





Uncontrolled laughter around the table. No one knew what in the world was going on!



Okay, my heart was POUNDING at this very moment!



“You’re Kidding!” …She didn’t read it out loud to anyone at the table!



Reading out loud one more time… I think things are starting to sink in this time!



The moment my mommy actually realized she’s going to be a grandmother! Sighs of relief and smiles and tears followed shortly after!

This was by far something I will remember for the rest of my life! After dinner we all got to sit around and chat and hug and kiss and cry and just live in the moment it was amazing.

I can’t wait to share more with you guys about this wonderful time in my life. So much has changed for me over the last 3 months, and I cant wait to experience and embrace it all!

The biggest surprise for me about being pregnant, has been this switch that flipped inside of me where it’s all I think about, and want to put my energy towards. I love this baby so much already it’s truly something I’ve never felt in my entire life. With so much good to come…

Until next time,

xox McCall

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